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Mala Prayer Bag (Healing/Manifestation)

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Healing/Manifestation Mala Prayer Bag

Handmade to order especially for you, each Mala Prayer Bag comes with a 15min "Soul Search" session to assist you in setting your intention and choosing your crystal. The Healing/Manifestation Mala Prayer Bag are delicate bags filled with herbs, roots, flowers, and a focus crystal, then infused with pure essential oils, in order to amplify your intention by drawing in the energy of what you are looking to attract into your life!

Use with prayer and "meditation" for Healing, Spiritual Connection, Love, Gratitude, Peace, Joy, Confidence, Motivation, Wealth, Abundance, Grounding, Protection.

They are cleansed and charged with love, light and the intent of their purpose. But, know that you are free to add your own energy.

Easy to carry in your purse, book bag, wallet, or leave in the car.

You may also choose to add more crystals to your Mala Bag.

Add 1 more = add $2.50

Add 2 more = add $4.50

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