“Set it in Stone” Crystal Grids for Healing

A coaching program that leads you in creating a powerful crystal grid that sets your desire “in stone,” then uses meditation to seal the intention.

Steps to Setting Your Healing Vision in Stone

  1. Set the Intention for Your Healing (Exercise for Setting Intention)
  2. Express Gratitude for the Lessons Learned (Gratitude Meditation)
  3. Renew Your Mind by Aligning Your Thoughts With Your Desires (Renew Your Mind Meditation/Select Crystals that Align with Your Thoughts/Desires)
  4. Align Your Words With Your New Thoughts (Speaking Affirmations then Writing them down to use under the placement of Your Center Stone)
  5. Put Action Behind Your Thoughts and Words (Activating Your Crystal Grid Through a Visualization Meditation Sending/Receiving Energy)

Crystal Grid Kit Provided