“Set it in Stone” Crystal Grids for Manifestation

This 5-week coaching program leads you in creating powerful crystal grids that set your desire “in stone,” then so that you can manifest your dreams.

A Crystal Grid is a special arrangement of crystals and stones used with intention, linking them to create a field of energy. This energy can then be applied for purposes such as healing, protection, manifestation, and many other things. 

Below are the steps that we will use during your coaching sessions. Each week we will concentrate on one of the steps. After each session you will be given resources to help you to apply what you have learned and to prepare you for your next session. I will be available by email or messenger to answer questions that may come up for you as you go through the process.

  1. History of Crystal Grids/Sacred Geometry : Discovering the history of crystal gridding & the science behind how/why they work. What components define a grid?
  2. Set Your Intention/Choose Your Crystals and Stones: Setting the intentional goal that you want to “Set in Stone”. Choose crystals and stones that are aligned with your intention and that will enhance it. (Exercises for Setting Intention & Crystal Paring)
  3. Prepare Your Sacred Space: Discovering methods for cleaning, cleansing, and preparing your space. (introduction to cleansing methods)
  4. Create Your Grid – Creating your grid using the power of sacred geometry coupled with the energy of crystals and stones. (Writing affirmations for your grid)
  5. Activate Your Grid: Activation ritual (Gratitude, & Visualization Meditation for Sending/Receiving Energy that sets your desire in stone)

Crystal Grid Kit Provided