Meditate to Create

A coaching program that uses the spiritual power of meditation and crystal grids, along with the principles of sowing and reaping, to create your abundant life.

Each step brings you closer to your goal by setting focused intentions, raising your vibrational energy, and then creating a crystal grid to amplify your vision. You will then learn three meditations that you can use on your own to aid in creating the outcome you desire.

Steps to Manifest

  1. Get into Focus: What are you trying to create?
  2. Act as If: Express gratitude for already having what you are seeking.
  3. Align Your Thoughts: Think upon things that match your desires.
  4. Watch Your Mouth: Align the words you say and write to the thoughts you think.
  5. Do the Work: Do something each day that brings you closer to your goal.

Crystal Gridding:

You will be led in the process of creating a crystal grid based on your intention. By using a group of crystals together, they can combine their natural properties and raise the vibrational energy of the manifestation process. (Crystal Gridding Kit provided)


  1. Conquering Your Limiting Beliefs (Mindfulness Meditation)
  2. Setting the Intention (Affirmation Meditation)
  3. See it, Feel it, Be it (Vision Casting Meditation)