GetFree: Conquer Limiting Beliefs

This 6-step coaching program leads you in the process of conquering your limiting beliefs, overcoming toxic thoughts and emotions, and breaking unhealthy soul-ties.

1. Get Free: Telling Your Story
This is where we get it all out in the open. Telling our story can help us to uncover generational patterns, expose our limiting beliefs, and identify any unhealthy soul-ties.

2. Mastering Your Emotion/s
In this stage, we give name to any toxic emotions that may be attached to our story, which is giving strength to our spiritual and emotional challenges.

3. Renewing Your Mind: Change Your Perspective
When we re-frame a situation it can help us to take back our power. When we no longer see ourselves as a victim, but as being victorious., we can tackle those self-defeating patterns that keep us in bondage.

4. Walking Through Forgiveness
Unforgiveness is like a “monster”, it can keep us scared and stuck, But walking through the process of forgiveness strengthens our entire being; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

5. Choosing Your Reaction
Here is where we take back our power. Take control of what we will allow our mind to “think on.” Then make a “Respondability Plan, ” so that we can choose to act and not always react.

6. Stay Free: Writing a New Story
Here is where we create a plan to stay free of the things that we do not desire in our life. We use the the law of attraction with “Meditate to Create.”