Get Free/Stay Free

A six-step coaching program built upon the principles of inner soul healing, deliverance, and renewing your mind.

When we find ourselves in a “stuck” place where we can’t seem to move ahead, we have been called to renew our mind so that we can Get Free and Stay Free. We have to walk through the healing journey so that we can emerge better than before.

By using this proven and effective process to help you get to the root of your challenges, identify your spiritual bondage issues, and break the chains of negative spirits, you can conquer your limiting beliefs, and deal with any self-sabotaging patterns so that you can have the abundant life you were created to live.

1. Tell Your Story
This is where we get it out in the open and expose the lies of the enemy. Access your background and family history, while discussing the issues and behaviors that you want to address.
2. Identify Your Emotion/s
In this stage, we identify any toxic emotions that may have left doors open to create unhealthy strongholds, limiting beliefs, and soul-ties.
3. Change Your Perspective
Now we tackle those open doors by addressing any self-defeating patterns, generational issues, and toxic emotions by helping you to re-direct your thoughts and the way you look at things.
4. Walk Through Forgiveness
Using visualization and soul-healing prayer we tackle the “monster” of “unforgiveness”
5. Choose Your Reaction
Now it’s time to take back your power. Take control of what you will allow your mind to “think on.”
6. Write a New Story
Here is where we discuss the plan to stay free of these unwanted familiar spirits that search for the open doors that give them permission to enter your life.

Getting Free & Staying Free the book. Now you can read my story and walk through your healing journey with a road map.